Mark Wood on tour with Steve Vai

Mark Wood on tour with Steve Vai


Mark Wood with Celine Dion


Mark Wood with Trans Siberian Orchestra


Mark Wood and Dee Snider supporting music education


Donald Trump presenting Mark Wood Emmy Award

Celine Dion – “It’s amazing what he can do with a violin and a bow”

Jay Leno – “Itzhak Perlman pulling his hair out, ladies and gentlemen!”

PBS - “Mark Wood is the Les Paul of the violin world!”

CBS News – “You gotta see this guy to believe it!”

Entertainment Tonight – “Incredible musician!”

CBS Sunday Morning – “Moving violin into the future”

Time Magazine – “Funk metal violin at its very best”

Yngwie Malmsteen – “This music is totally different from anything else I’ve heard! Totally different. When I came around the first time, everybody said ‘this is weird.’ Yet that’s the initial thing to do; something that no one else has done. That’s very important. Mark Wood’s done that. It’s completely nuts! It’s great!”

The Professor – WFBG – Altoona, PA – “Not only are his CDs curious listening, they are astounding listening, as Wood breaks acres of new ground . . . I need not say more – listen and discover Mark Wood for yourself . . . [It] is THAT impressive.”